Volvo XC70 2019: Fully SUV Redesign with Powerful Performance

As the future SUV car model, the Volvo XC70 2019 continues with its high-quality car. Yeah, after their first manufactured, the XC series, this new Volvo now becomes one of the most popular SUV generation in the world. This model always gives the powerful performance and exceptional redesign. Of course, for this 2019 model, it will get a full redesign with significant changes.

2019 Volvo XC70 Fully Changes on Exterior Platform

What makes the exterior redesign changing fully is the new XC90 platform used. The Product Architecture of Volvo Scalable becomes their preferred platform. Basically, the Volvo XC70 2019 model resembles the station wagon model with good streamlined. The front fascia is going to redesign with the latest features. The manufacturer will give double air ventilations on every side of the front bumper. Additionally, its grille is going to have a good structure using the vertical bars existing. The Volvo trademark is presented on the top side. The new aggressive look comes from its lighting system using the new LED technology on the headlights. They also use the LED innovation for the taillights as the crossover car outlook.

Volvo XC70 2019 Newest Creation on the Interior Changes

Dealing with its great changes on exterior body, the interior design of this car will get some newest creation devices. The excellent power will appear on the guiding devices with some buttons of management controls. This 2019 XC70 will have double speedometers with the dashboard panel that is well protected. You will see the console system at the center with 7 inches of the TFT touchscreen display technology using 5-speakers. They also incorporate the new elements such as the GPS, GSM, weather upgraded system, a control system for interior temperature, satellite radio, and digital sounds. The cabin will appear in the high-quality design with the special leather seat for passengers and drive setting.

Volvo XC70 2019 Upgraded Double Engine Options

This Volvo XC70 2019 then will be completed when upgraded in their engine system. This new Volvo will use the technological innovation of T5 & T7. This has 2 options of the petrol engine generating 254 & 316 HP. That engine comes with the new 8-speed of the Geartronic for the automatic transmission. It will transmit the torque to their front wheels. When talking about the diesel engine used, this car will probably use D4 technology producing 190 horsepower. It also may use twin turbo D5 that can give output around 228 horsepower. Of course, it will really give economical driving alternatives that cover 19 mph on the city and 26 as the high-speed driving.

Volvo XC70 2019 Price Tag and Release Date

It is completed to get how much this car cost does. Based on the information, this car will cost around $39,000. You can wait for this Volvo XC70 2019 launching in the early of 2019. To get a complete price tag, you can see the next launching announcement.

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