Fiat Toro 2018: A Worth Waiting SUV Truck with Exclusive Engine Specs

Nowadays, the truck can be as enchanting as SUV, Sedan or crossover type vehicle. When looking truck for yourself there is bunch option and one that worth waiting is Fiat ones. Yes, Fiat brings it out their truck product namely Fiat Toro 2018. The company redesigns the inside-outside part of being exclusive truck ever. Looking what the outside and side will be even what is really on under the hood? It is a piece of cake. Here the thing.

Fiat Toro 2018 Exterior Redesign: Strong and Exclusive in a Glance

The new Toro vehicle from Fiat will be seen easily from outside. The company brings a new face of this Fiat Toro 2018, body design into a sleek, and soft edge finished. The front might look like simply but it is stated strongly at the same times with upgraded grille design. Furthermore, the company also intake new air vent for better cooling also says the great appearance. The company does not stop on that part, the running daylight also the fog light got a new LED light for better vision. As a truck vehicle, it probably brings out stuff at the back, therefore, the company uses a light material such as carbon fiber and aluminum as it body framework. This will great for handling and fuel consumption. The truck will use 20 inches of the wheel to provide an easy way on any terrain condition.

Fiat Toro 2018 Interior Change: Cabin for More Than a Truck

The truck cannot be a fun driving experience; it is not for the new 2018 Toro Fiat. The company equipped the truck with some awesomeness feature. The truck is installed with HD radio Satellite, CD/mp3/mp4 player, USB port, Bluetooth and much more. The cabin also gets another instrument such as 5-inch touch screen for driving instrument panel, Wi-Fi connection, satellite route and else. The company wrapped those feature with great material upholstery especially the seat. Further to told, this vehicle also equipped with some safety feature like forwarding collision warning, crisis stopping mechanism, raise stopping sensor, airbags and much more.

2018 Fiat Toro Engine Spec for Exclusive Truck

The engine must be one that supports this vehicle performance. Some rumors assumption is that there will be 2 engines probably used under its hood. The first engine likely to install is four cylinder of E-Torque Flex 1.8 L. the engine will give power as much as 142 hp. The other possible engine is turbo diesel multijet 2.0 L engine. This engine can provide 170 hp and 280 lb/ft or torque. The transmission will likely use 6-speed automatic or 9 speed that also automatic transmission system.

Fiat Toro 2018 Date Release and Price

The exclusive truck namely Fiat Toro 2018 will take much attention with the design it has. Therefore this truck will land on market around second half 2017 or maybe in 2018. There is no official information about the date release. The price for this truck is around $25.000 is starting prices.

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