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BMW X5 2019 Spy Photos: New Generation of Sports SUV Cars

A new model of the BMW X5 2019 will be released. As we know the last generation of this car has been released in 207. The second release of this car is in 2013. The new generation of BMW X5 will release in 2019 where this car has been modified with a nice exterior, interior, and engine. The new BMW X5 will use a new platform, a new engine, and of course, it also shows with different packaged. This car is not only as SUV car but it is also good as the best sports car. Here are the details of the 2019 BMW X5.

BMW X5 2019 New Exterior Changes with New Platform

The most change of the BMW X5 2019 can be looked at the platform. The platform used in this car is very different from the last generation. The aluminum, magnesium and some carbon fiber are used for the new CLAR or Cluster Architecture. The NVH is also improved and the suspension used in this car is soft and more comfort without loss the characteristic. The front design of this car looks like BMW Seri 7. The back of the car looks sporty with rectangular exhaust.

BMW X5 2019 Perfect and Awesome Interior

The interior design of the BMW X5 2019 is perfect and awesome. It is designed with new dashboard design. However, the interior design of this car is minimalist. The seats of this car are designed with the comfortable and cozy seat. It makes the driver and the passengers are comfortable when doing the long trip. Some entertainment features and safety concepts are also upgraded for more awesome driving. Of course, it completes the SUV car in this sports vehicle.

2019 BMW X5 Engine Options Available

The engine of the BMW X5 is available with 4.6 and eight cylinders. It is same with the last generation. This car has 250 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. the petrol engine 6 liter with turbocharged inline 6 is the alternative for xdrive50i. The diesel engine 2 and 3 liters will bring a big change of gearbox that will be changed with automatic eight ZF. The buyer can choose one of those types of this car. It can be a diesel engine or petrol engine.

BMW X5 2019 Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2019 X5 BMW will come soon but the producer of this cannot announce yet when the certainly date it will release. It can be release among 2018 up to 2019. The price of this car is not different from the last generation. The price starts at $55.000 for the basic model. This price is better than the other car competition which has the same specification.

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