2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser: Real Boxy SUV with Stunning Redesign

SUV vehicle likely becomes favorites for some people, therefore some vehicle brand tries to captivate consumer attention and will with their SUV vehicle product. Toyota seems strongly opponent to steal the attention with 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The company redesigns their SUV vehicle to be more distinctive all out to serve the SUV vehicle hunger. What company has done to their SUV vehicle product? Well, let us ride it below.

2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser Exterior: Distinctive Appearance

The SUV vehicle is identical with distinctive appearance so people can notice it at a glance. Toyota redesigns their SUV vehicle appearance to be noticed in a glance as SUV vehicle. Likely, it is not major redesign the company has decided to keep some minor redesign point. The company will keep 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser body as boxy as the previous edition of FJ Cruiser. The difference is the more distinctive appearance with some refinement on the grille and lamp. The newest Toyota SUV will use LED light and new grille composite.

Inside 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser Cabin

Well, the outside is the stunning appearance to look at, the inside is next mystery is about to reveal. The company, of course, is selecting the perfect and suitable feature to fit in the newest FJ Cruiser. The company is design inside the cabin with simple in a classy way. It gives adequate room for each passenger. Furthermore, the company equipped it with some feature of infotainment, safety and much more.  The infotainment features, it gets some audio relation with a great speaker, interface screen with touch screen system. The company also concern about the comfortable point, therefore, they take premium AC and fine material as it upholstery. They also equipped the vehicle with standard safety guards like airbags and safety belt.

Engine Spec of New 2019 FJ Cruiser

SUV vehicle will be an empty shell without the engine no matter grand design it has. The company also wants to provide the driver with the great engine to run smoothly. This vehicle will get engine 4.0 L v6 engine with DOHC engine system. It will provide 280 hp and 290 lb. /ft. of torque. The company also equipped the engine with all-wheel drive and 5-speed manual transmission systems.  This will influence the new 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser price.

Toyota FJ Cruiser 2019 Date Release and Price

The kind of boxy 2019 Toyota FJ Cruiser vehicle is enchanting in its very own way. For some reason, people will wait for this vehicle to land on the showroom. Well, this well-built vehicle probably lands on the showroom at least in the year of 2019 because the company does not give any further information. Meanwhile, the price of this vehicle will start at $39,900 and probably get higher.

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