2019 Porsche Macan: Modern Outside, Luxurious Inside, Powerful Perform

Currently, the Porsche Company has announced their newcomer, the 2019 Porsche Macan. This new Macan Model is a kind of the Cayenne brother in 2019. This great car is going to have manufactured with the highest standard. Designed with the attractive and modern outlook, this new car is expectable without problems. The manufacturer introduces this midsize SUV car to gain the refreshment and novelties.

2019 Porsche Macan Modern Attractive Exterior Refreshment

Having new outlook of this 2019 Porsche Macan to be more modern and attractive, this new SUV from Porsche is rather similar to the recent model. However, with some refreshment, it will get some intakes and mask to be revised. The new LED lamps will complete the headlamps application. It is designed as well as the fog lights in the bottom of that bumper. Additionally, the rear car is going to have little refreshment bumper with exhaust pipes to improve the car outlooks. It will also be added with the LED bulbs.

2019 Porsche Macan Luxurious Interior Updates with High Technology

In line with the exterior 2019 Porsche Macan redesign, the manufacturer updates the interior design to be more luxurious and elegant. They use the quality leather as the materials of the seat. It contributes the superior comfort and coziness. Adding the modern technology is perfect with the 7” touch screen that is mounted on the center control panel. This space is available for using the modernity of navigation system, modern AC, satellite radio using 14 speakers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, connection smartphones, and some other features. Additionally, this car will be also completed with the latest safety and security features such as the blind-spot monitor, airbags, parking sensor, and others.

Porsche Macan 2019 New Upgraded Engine Performance

Related to the new upgrades on the engine performance of 2019 Porsche Macan, the manufacturer informs that this SUV will probably use 3.0-L V6 engine system with diesel. It is capable of producing 250hp and 580 Nm of its torque. That engine diesel will come with 7-speed of the dual clutch, the PDK computerize transmission. It will drive for four-wheels. The other options of the engine systems may use 3.6-L with twin-turbo of the diesel engine to produce up to 400hp and 550Nm. It will have the same transmission of its previous engine. This Porsche Macan 2019 will also have options for the front-wheel drives and all wheels.

2019 Porsche Macan Coming Price and Release Date

During the time, you may be curious how much you must spend to own this mid-size SUV from new Porsche. This new Porsche Macan will cost around $50,000 – $75,000. The release date of this 2019 Macan may be sooner on the auto market. It will probably in the end of the next year, 2018.

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