2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe: Luxury Car with Upgraded Technology

The new generation of the Mercedes-Benz would be 2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe. This car has upgraded technology features in both exterior and interior. Besides, it has a luxury appearance that comforts the passengers. This car also has a better performance with a good ride quality. The muscular body and elegant look make the owner feel proud of it.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Luxurious Exterior Redesign

Mercedes usually provides a vehicle with the luxury concept. Similar to the limousine, this car has a luxurious outlook. The 2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe has a shorter platform compared to the Limo due to its short wheelbase. Even though it is shorter than Limo, it has 5 meters lengths. In addition, a thick canvas roof will complete this car like S-class Cabriolet. The most interesting from this new exterior look is the magic body control with curve tilt function. There is an addition on air-suspension here, so this car has agiler. Even more, the headlights are completed with Swarovski crystal. These LED headlights are very gorgeous.

2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Interior Concept for Unforgettable Driving

The passenger can enjoy the panoramic sunroof on this cabin. It is a great roof with magic sky control. By touching one of the buttons, the passengers can darken the glass over the roof. Between the back seats is the unique central console. This car lets the people get oozes quality on this cabin that makes an unforgettable driving. There are wide touchscreen displays in this cabin. It can be connected with Apple. The special feature that may be found in other vehicles is the eyeball vents as the AC. The infotainment system can be operated with a rotary controller. There are Bluetooth, DAB radio, HDD navigation, and CD/DVD player features on this cabin.

2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Engines and Performance

Two different engines may be used in this 2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe. The first is the 4.7L bi-turbo V8 that can generate 450 horsepower. Another engine is 5.5L bi-turbo V8 that produce 577 horsepower. The first engine can reach around 33 miles per gallon with gas emit 197 g/km. The last engine can achieve 28 miles per gallon and 237 g/km emit.

Mercedes S-Class 2019 Release Date and Price

The official information about release date and price from automaker for this 2019 Mercedes S-Class Coupe has not published yet. The release date prediction is in the same year with Geneva Motor Show. The estimation price would be start around $166.500. The real price can be higher or lower.

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