2019 Mercedes GLS: Premium SUV Design with Extra Engine

Approaching the next car market, 2019 Mercedes GLS will come greatly to compete with other rivals. The new Mercedes-Benz will use mostly developed changes and upgrades. Redesigned for the new version, this new GLS comes with sleeker appearance. Moreover, this new SUV car will appear rather different with the previous one. How does it look like? How is about the engine performance?

Lightweight Exterior Appearance of 2019 Mercedes GLS

The 2019 Mercedes GLS will appear sleeker with the new lightweight materials. They will have the new front lights on the grille that shows up the extra changes. Appeared in the contemporary upcoming car, this GLS SUV brings new layout with full redesigns. It has longer wheelbase with premium quality. You will see it as an amazing SUV car for the shape looks more modern and effective. It shapes in sharp sides with smooth lines on the face. Of course, it will look trendier than previous.

2019 Mercedes GLS Interior Redesign with Premium Quality

For the interior redesign, this SUV will also use the premium quality of leather materials to create 3-row seats comfortable. Its top floor margin is redesigned as the lengthy wheelbase. The deluxe cabin redesign can be seen on the improvement attributes with the high technological features. The upgraded features are likely the display screen with the top notch application, system control for the infomercial, and other upgrades on mechanical features. They will apply an automatic climate system for the administration zone twin, bigger travel luggage, and also some selection system for food. Supplied in the three trims, this car will reduce the tools or terms.

Upgraded Engine Performance of 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Now, we are going to get information the upgrades on the engine performance. This 2019 Mercedes GLS will use the outstanding powertrain based on the 3 options of the engine system. It gets the engine system 4.7-L V8 producing 355 horsepower and 339 lb-ft of the torque. It will also probably use the 5.5-L V8 as extra effective power engine to produce 382 HP and 391 lbs.-toes of its torque. They will mate it with the 4MATIC AWD version technique for the rate transmission. The third engine option uses the V6 might get replace with a new gasoline 3 liter inline 6 producing between 350 and 450 HP.

2019 Mercedes GLS Price and Release Date

It is going to see the price of this new SUV from Mercedes-Benz. It will be at the rate of $89,950 (GL550) to $200,000 for the higher trim. It will be ready for the next year auto market.

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