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2019 Land Rover Defender: Impressive SUV with Big Interior and Engine

Are you waiting for the next SUV comer? Well, this 2019 Land Rover Defender can be the best idea. The new generation from Land Rover Defender will come again to complete the auto collection for SUV. In this generation, the new Land Rover Defender appears more impressive with its updated outlook and engine enhancement. Your adventure and long driving will be fully enjoyable with this adventure SUV. Do you want to know how this car will appear and perform? Get the review in the following.

Impressive 2019 Land Rover Defender Exterior

The new body outlook and style of 2019 Land Rover Defender concept are expectable to be different. It will give the car lovers sophisticated of the new coming SUV. To compete with other rivals, this new Land Rover will come two doors model, four doors, and pickup model on two or four doors. The two-door is the new lineup of the new defender. This two-door car will come with the soft-top and hardtop options. The new coming from the two-door completes the version. Additionally, the exterior of this vehicle will also bring new PLA platform with the new prototype.

2019 Land Rover Defender Big Interior Cabin with Latest Technology

Getting new interior redesign, this latest Defender will get some latest features and technologies. They give the big prior that can steal many car lovers to pay attention. They also give the higher convenience level for this car. The 2019 Land Rover Defender interior will be redesign with some fun vibrant design. Of course, it makes the interior going to be playful. This concept may bring the interior stay minimalist and modern, too. The cabin design will be more spacious. It will create most comfortable feeling when traveling. Additionally, this car will also have the big space for the cargo.

Land Rover Defender 2019 Reliable Engine Performance

Even no solid info about the engine that will be used, some rumors exist. The current trend of emissions will be available on this SUV. However, this SUV will have the smaller engine system with 2.0-L to get better emission. They will not get V8 engine system. However, they will add the powerful V6 engine. This engine can provide the diesel and gas option. It really looks like this engine of 2019 Defender matted with 8-speed of the automatic transmission.

2019 Land Rover Defender Date Release and Estimated Price

What are the release date and its price? Looking at the preference and information of the upgrade and update, this 2019 Land Rover Defender will be expensive. However, it is matted to the quality and power. This car will cost at a range of $70,000 as the price of the base model. It will be different more expensive for the higher model. Now, you can get this car on the auto market around the latest 2018.

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