2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz: More than Just Pickup – Pickup with Style

Are you looking for pick up that give more than just pick up but also with style? Introduce, 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz a pickup with a style that maybe you are looking for. This vehicle is different from another vehicle. The company redesign this vehicle become more than just pickup. How they restyle this vehicle to compete with other new vehicle design, here is the answer.

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz Exterior Redesign: Cooler Pickup Appearance

The new pickup design of 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz will give another color of pickup type’s vehicles. Based on the Hyundai Santa Cruz News, the appearance might be slightly different from the previous version but truth to be told is that the main design remains similar to its previous. It got a striking appearance with reducing the facelift and sharp edge also wheelbase. Furthermore, the company will stay it feature as its previous version. Yep, there is no more to be told because the company has not given any official announcement.

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz Interior Design: Great Pickup Cabin

An outstanding result also goes for the interior. The nowadays 2019 Santa Cruz will provide better cabin, which is improved room for a passenger. It is provided adequately for leg and headroom. Furthermore, it uses the fine material as it upholstery to provide comfortable in driving pick up. What next is the cargo space will enhance to provide better storage. Further story is that this vehicle can use for the daily vehicle even with a truck behind it, a nice shot from Hyundai. It leaves the truck perception as workhorse vehicle.

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2019 Engine Specs

The engine for this 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz seem to be various, the company gives some option for the engine. It starts with 1.6 L turbocharge T-GDI 4 cylinder can provide 177 horsepower and 195 lb/ft of torque. The similar engine with natural aspiration can provide 132 hp and 118 lb/ft of torque. Second option engine is 2.0 MPI can provide 150 horsepower and 114 lb/ft of torque. The diesel line will be 2.0 L 4 Cylinders turbocharged engine can provide 185 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque. That engine will deliver adequate power to run the front wheel drive which likely to be a standard vehicle. It is also probably available all-wheel drive for higher trim also with extra money. Furthermore, this vehicle will be mated with 6-speed manual transmissions as standard trim and probably the automatic version of transmission will be optional.

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz Date Release and Price

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz is the pickup vehicle that probably can be choices as a truck vehicle. This vehicle probably lands on market around the end of 2018. The price will start from $25.000 into $32.000 as starting price.

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