2019 Ford Fiesta ST: All New Redesign for Aggressive Look

It is time for dealing with the new Fiesta ST from Ford. Yeah, the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST will be available on the market. This Fiesta ST was firstly launched in 2008. Now, some changes are added into the exterior and interior model, including the engine performance. His car will be more aggressive with some new accent in the exterior redesign. Are you curious how this car will look like?

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Aggressive Exterior Redesign with New Colors

The new 2019 Ford Fiesta ST will be available in two body styles with five-door and three-door. Actually, the car body design will resemble likely the previous version. However, there will be new finishing and trim around its cockpit. Additionally, the body is revamped to be redesign slightly. It has an aggressive bumper design on the front side and its grille. The new exclusive alloy wheels are added in 18-inch. Additionally, it also uses the new accentuated rear diffuser. The liquid blue appears in the body redesign as the new color application.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST New Cabin Redesign with More Personalization

Inside of the car, it has a new cabin redesign. The new Ford will get more personalization than the previous on with the greater levels. Some styling interiors are available to see. It offers the new alternative finishes and trims in the cockpit. This car will also get new features and technologies such as the recent Sync-3 for entertainment and infotainment features in the touchscreen display 8-inch. There is also a hot hatch picture on the tune. The seats are redesigned with Recaro sports with the chunky bolsters on the sides, it appears on the upfront. The steering wheel looks sports with its flat design.

Ford Fiesta ST 2019 All New Engine Performance

It will be more valuable when knowing the engine specs to apply on the new 2019 Ford Fiesta ST. this new Fiesta will use the engine system that produces 197bhp. It can also gain 240Nm-290Nm. completely; this new car will get EcoBoost engine all-new system that can deliver the fuel efficiency and performance greatly. This is going to combine with the selectable driving models to personalize the system and performance. The engine and performance will be very promising.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Price and Expected Release Date

This is interesting to see how the redesign of this new Fiesta from Ford is going on it. You may be curious on how the manufacturer remodels this vehicle. Of course, you have known the redesign through this information. To complete the information of the 2019 Fiesta ST, here is the price and release date. This car will be available in 2018. The price will be around £19,000 for the basic rate.

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