Next 2019 Dodge Ram: Strong Truck Perfectly for Hard Workers

Dodge car is well known as a one of most famous and after a long time, the vehicle finally releases new Dodge model.  All of their products are great and has many fans around the world.  The 2019 Dodge Ram has two types, 1500 type, and 3500 type. However, now we will give you some information regarding the base model of Dodge Ram.

2019 Dodge Ram Exterior Design: Strong and Durable Materials

The exterior design of new 2019 Dodge Ram probably still remains it with the previous model for some points. However, they will improve it with the newest, strongest and durable materials. The changes we mentioned also will be big changes. The grille design remains as previous Ram model, however, the body seems will have lighter and re-engineering plus redesign concepts. The combination between sports model and truck model makes the new upcoming vehicle will obviously lure many buyers for 2019 motor market.

2019 Dodge Ram Interior Design for Comfortable Long Driving

The interior is designed to be comfortable for long driving experiences. High premium leather materials cover the seats for driver and passengers. They are also combined with many great quality features to support your driving. The luxurious black color dominates the inside with many features such as LCD touch screen, USB ports, a blind spot monitor, cruise control, and more. Dashboard and steering wheel design are also very comfortable to be touch. There are not many features inside because the main needed thing of the truck is the powerful engine and a point exactly the new Ram gives.

Dodge Ram 2019 Expected Power Engine

Like we already said that power engine is the main reason of a truck. This is also happening in the new upcoming 2019 Ram Dodge. The power under the hood is likely will gives boosted Cummins 6.7-liter inline-6-diesel engine and 900 lb-ft of torque capable of producing 385 hp. The engine will be able to tow around 31,210 pounds. Then, it may continue with a 5.7-liter and a 6.4-liter with V-8 engine options. It is such a big power suitable for a big and sporty truck like Dodge Ram. The engine also has great fuel consumption and perfectly for helping all, your hard work.

2019 Dodge Ram Rumors of Release Date and Price

The new 2019 Dodge Ram will expect in the end of 2018 or nearly 2019. Looking up the previous model with the price around $30,000, the 2019 model will probably not have too many differences for the base model. Many people are waiting for the new model of Dodge Ram. They also wait for what they will give for better driving experiences.

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