2019 Chevy Traverse: Affordable Car with Alluring Refreshment

The SEMA show is chosen as a great basic concept to reveal the next 2019 Chevy Traverse. Even though this show was in 2015, but this is trusted to complete the 2019 generation of the Chevrolet. This upcoming vehicle will be finished with affordable auto coverage. The new body configuration is able to impress the buyers with more alluring outlook.

2019 Chevy Traverse Exterior Review: Slimmer and Sleeker

This car comes up with several new exterior improvements. The 2019 Traverse Chevy has a slimmer and sleeker body compared to the last model. The more curves are added to refresh the outlook of this car. As a result, the exterior looking of this new Traverse is aerodynamic. The front fascia has some changes. Moreover, it has updated belt on the front grille. The size of the grille is bigger rather than fascia. That is in dark and silver color, which gives a sporty looking. In addition, this car is expected will use dual 5-spoke wheel. Then, it uses LED headlight and taillight.

2019 Chevy Traverse Interior Redesign Completed with Advanced Tech

The combination of dark and light brown color will be a scheme for the cabin. This classy car has been designed with luxurious and futuristic types. Additionally, this 2019 Chevy Traverse has 3 seat rows that would be a great family transportation because it can afford some people inside. The advanced technology feature will be installed into this cabin. The people can enjoy the touch screen as an infotainment feature. The sophisticated technology is not only applied in infotainment feature, the people will feel secure with its high safety feature technology as well.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse Engine Specs Possibilities

Some engines are predicted would be used in Chevrolet Traverse 2019. There is the highest possibility for 3.6L and V6 engine to be used here. This is working with VVT that would be used with 9-speed forces or AWD All-Wheel Drive. The ability of this engine is producing 280 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. However, the power may different in each level. In LTZ model, this car can generate around 290 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. This is going to be mated with the 9-speed auto transmission.

2019 Chevy Traverse Release Date and Price Estimation

Unfortunately, the automaker does not give the official announcement about the date of launching and price tag of this 2019 Chevy Traverse. However, the people are an optimist about the release time would be in the middle of 2018. There are some price estimations that are going to the trim levels. The basic trim would be offered around $33,000. In the highest trim, the buyers must pay $45,000 to purchase this car.

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