2019 Audi S5 Sportback: Minimal Changes but Impressive Outlook

There are several rumors either bad or good for upcoming 2019 Audi S5 Sportback. This car is predicted will be one of the Audi generations that have decreased in the U.S car market. However, this car has highlight modifications which impress the people. Some changes are done like interior and exterior parts but the platform remains the same. Even it is redesigned with minimalist changes, the car looks so impressive.

2019 Audi S5 Sportback Exterior Design with Identical Lines

This 2019 Audi S5 Sportback is going to use the similar platform of the current model. Likewise, the hood and identical lines remain the same. Even more, the front light on this car and previous model are alike. There is a little bit change on a grille. The grille has a Quattro letter that placed at the bottom. The next improvement is the bigger wheels. Even more, this car looks lower than its predecessor. The manufacturer is trying to exist with a special design this time, so there is a change on the taillight. The camera lens is added to increase the back look.

2019 Audi S5 Sportback Interior Design with Smoother Units

The passengers can connect the internet by using Audi’s internet cockpit. In addition, this cabin is completed with MMI infotainment system that is an advanced technology that provides many kinds of features. The change can be seen in the cabin also. The aluminum inlays are replaced by carbon fiber. This car will not appear like the A5 anymore. Another spotlight modification is a sportier and smoother unit rather than a standard wheel.

Audi S5 Sportback 2019 Powertrain, Specs, and Performance

The car comes with the first option engine called as DOHC 3.0L turbocharged V6. This engine is capable of producing 460 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. The best mate for this car is 8-speed automatic transmission. The prediction mileage is around 0-62 miles per hour with maximum speed at 155 miles per hour. This engine will bring this 2019 S5 Sportback Audi reaching 62 mph in 4.7 seconds.

2019 Audi S5 Sportback Prediction of Price and Release Date

2019 Audi S5 Sportback is believed to be unveiled from 2018 to 2019. Both of the price and release date is unknown until today. There is no precisely date about the launching day. However, some estimation price is decided differently depending on the trim. The RS version hit a car market at $20,000 which is more expensive compared to S version. Based on its predecessor price, this car probably would be offered in dealer starting at $56,000 for the lowest trim level. The higher trim level is absolutely more expensive.

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