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2019 Audi A7: Sport-Like Car with Comfy Power and Distinctive Design

Talk about the sedan, various vehicle brands has their own sedan such as Audi. This company prepares next sedan battle with their new 2019 Audi A7. The company does a great job in redesigning this vehicle to compete with other sedan style vehicle. The company definitely put the finest thing for the upcoming share market. How will this new Audi win consumers heart? Here some snapshot of it.

2019 Audi A7 Exterior Redesign: New Distinctive Appearances

As it sedan vehicle type, the company definitely success redesign it into more distinctive in style. The distinctive style can be seen from the front part. The company redesigns front part with new hexagonal grille with nice edge finishing push the distinctive appearance. Furthermore, the headlight also got some nerve beam design for better vision. It is also getting a new design of air vents. The rear side also gets some retouch by the company, they make it more distinctive with a slightly different design from previous ones to show it sedan generation. You can find the difference after 2019 Audi A7 release date.

2019 Audi A7 Interior Redesign: Contented Cabin for Sporty Looks

As it first appearance on testing, what the interior look like of is a mystery. It is kind of big question for all about the interior, what they got for amusing every passenger when getting inside. Hopefully, the company gives some refined from dashboard styling, fine upholstery that comes into stylish, better air vent and more. The feature also untold but looking hopefully they got the advance feature or at least better than its predecessor. Some mention that the infotainment unit is thinner and longer than previous but remain with pop out style.

Audi A7 2019 Engine Specs: Running Sporty but Comfy Inside

What is lying under the hood is also interest for the consumer, therefore, the company picks the proper engine to give a great performance. The engine that likely to put under the hood is coming with diversity. The possible engine number one is 3.0 L v6 supercharged engine that can provide 333 hp and 325 lb-ft or torque. Another possibility is 3.0 L v6 turbo diesel that can provide 218 up to 320 hp. Some source also mentions that Audi possible to put 4.0 Lv8 engine under the hood. That engine can provide greater power and turbo side the possible engine option. It is just an assumption; the company has not announced yet about what this 2019 A7 Audi will be.

2019 Audi A7 Price and Date Release

As it, a mystery both inside and outside of 2019 Audi A7 likely want to see this vehicle sooner on the road. The possibility this vehicle to be on the road is untold. Further, the price will start at $68,800 for premium plus trim and goes up for the prestige trim around $71,350.

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