2018 Volkswagen Atlas: New Coming VW for the Masterpiece

Volkswagen (VW) long-delayed crossover car with the three-row setting is right here, with the new coming of 2018 Volkswagen Atlas for the masterpiece. After all, they designed this car over last year. This news appeared first broke of the brand of diesel emissions. Unlike the previous models, this new Volkswagen Atlas is more efficient and all already settled up for so many researchers learning the old ones.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Exterior Design

The style of this new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas almost closes with the all-new car. This vehicle is comfortable in this era. This one is an American-stylized car model. This company will build that it in Tennessee. With the brand of VW logos, this car has old style itself. However, not even old for this car, even the old models in this car have some benefits in future. The old metal is strong that the new metal as the writer mentioned previously. This 2018 Atlas Volkswagen is a strong car, front bumper there looks so metallic and the front light combined with the VW logos. The headlight and taillights design are designed with the new LED style. From the aerodynamic of this car, it is really stable and safety. It is really a suite with the city car or maybe you can use it for a family car.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Features

As the interior features, a multi-configurable screen is added. Meanwhile, this is really safety for this car using this screen. The interior room is average and offers better as in most competitors.  Based on this VW models, the new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is a high car on the hood. It is so familiar with another VW car before. Indeed, the specific of this car uses the new system for the additional. The company also add more safety features. There is post-collision braking tech. it automatically holds its brakes after the collision for preventing this new Atlas to move. It is hit by a second or even third vehicle. Let us see in the dashboard, the dashboard of this 2018 Atlas is available to lift easily there. The large air ventilations flank this. The certain car models will probably offer the LCD instrument in full cluster. This cluster will displace the conventional gauges within the favor of the various configurable screens.

2018 VW Atlas Engine Specs

Now we talk about the engine in this VW Atlas car. The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will use 2.0-L of 4-cylinder engine of turbocharged gasoline. It will produce 238 horsepower. The powertrain will be same as if other VW car products. The optional engine is available in using the 3.6-L with V-6 producing 280 horsepower. It will come standard with front drive and will offer the all-wheel option of the drive system. Turbo diesel option used emissions testing from EPA. That auto manufacturer will plug the diesel engine on this car. A remote chance becomes one of the compliant diesel systems that show up in this auto manufacturer lineup in future.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Release Date and Price

Based on the rumor, this 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will be launched on the auto market around in the springtime in 2017. The price is around $30,000. This car will be available on the market with remarkable remodel and redesign. So now, just prepare yourself to get this VW Atlas 2018 car model.

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