2018 Hyundai Azera: New Feature for Updates Future Both Inside Out

Having better in quality and performance seem to be next 2018 Hyundai Azera. The automaker redesigns this vehicle to compete with another sedan type. Furthermore, the automaker gives their best to bring out new Hyundai Azera, give a new aspect of exterior and interior. So how 2018 Azera will be?

2018 Hyundai Azera Exterior Design

The automaker of 2018 Hyundai Azera seems to put it in the same way of design because of the exterior change only a bit. In order to get the better appearance and stand out among other, the carmaker changes it front appearance. It is noticeable because the front part gets some black color insertion on its grille. It is also getting better fog light and headlight, which is using LED light. The new fog light design is only available for the limited model but it likely not for the base model. This vehicle gets the bigger size from the previous ones and for sedan type. It does not matter if it can give better experience and quality of the vehicle.

2018 Hyundai Azera Comfortable Interior

The automaker wants to provide comfortable sedan for it occupant. Therefore, it is equipped rear curtain in order to block the sunlight comes in. the interior also installed with the glove box. The seat also designs with better material to support better comfortable driving and it boosts up with mood lamp. Another aspect that can be adjusted into moods is the audio system. 2018 Hyundai Azera will take some upgrades for light color LCD as one of the navigation systems. It looks like that Hyundai will keep some other features remain the same for safety and infotainment option because they do not give any further information.

Hyundai Azera 2018 Engine Specs

The automaker changes some outside and inside part but they keep the engine similar as before. 2018 Hyundai Azera use 3.3L, Lambada II, and V6 engine. With this engine, it can provide 293 horsepower and 255 lb/ft of torque. This engine will go with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. The transmission system will be spintronic manual manage. The gas mileage will be around 29 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg running in the city.

2018 Hyundai Azera Release Date and Price

The sedan fans will take 2018 Azera Hyundai count as one of their lists. It is worth it to wait because it assumed that this vehicle will get to market in early next year. The price will take at least $32.000 for the base version and $36.000 for a limited model. Those prices are counted as starting price and it is possible to get higher.

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