Next 2018 Ford Troller T4 as A Stylish Off-Road Vehicle

The Ford is American car manufacturer, which ready to release 2018 Ford Troller T4. The exterior look of this ford has a similarity with a jeep. This off-road traveling car is reliable with its powerful performance and sporty exterior design. This car is often used as a rescue car because it can adapt both on and off-road.

2018 Ford Troller T4 Exterior

In the exterior of 2018 Ford Troller T4, this car shows a combination between angular lines and wrinkles. It is designed by the dark plastic material. It makes this model looks cool. This cool looking is supported 17-inch strong wheel with a silicone masking. The full fender in this model is LED-spot lights, which are located on the front and side of the vehicle. The function of this light can ease the way in rescuing. The most impressive material used in this new model is fiberglass because it is a long-lasting element. In addition, this model is designed specifically for 2 males and 2 females due to the entryways designs.

2018 Ford Troller T4: More Lighting Interior

This new model would apply a goblet sunroof which piercing more lighting into the interior. The people can find the analog lot in this 2018 Troller T4 Ford, which sometimes cannot be found in other vehicles. For your information, the new model is designed similarly to unit sold in South of Africa. The most impressive design from this interior is the water resistant interior includes dashboard and seat. The dash is designed in simple and clean with a 4.2-inch display screen. This screen gives original infotainment method. The last feature is an option to the customer to choose between installing rescue and firefighting package.

Ford Troller T4 2018 Engine Specs

This Ford Troller T4 2018 model would apply 3.2 liters turbocharged inline 5 Diesel, which is available in European Ranger. This engine able to produces as much as 197 horsepower and 347 pound-feet of torque. Probably, a diesel-controlled is the best type of this engine. In addition, it would use solid axles in front and rear. The last is the transmission, which is expected, would be equipped similarly to Ranger.

2018 Ford Troller T4 Release Date and Price

Here is the rumor of the price for this 2018 Ford Troller T4 model. The base model would be offered approximately $50,000 and the full package can reach up to $100,000. The exact location and date when it would be released are unknown until today. However, 2018 Ford Troller T4 may be released in mid of 2017 around the industry location.

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