2018 Ford Raptor: Big Design Modification and Engine Improvement

2010 was the first year for new Ford Raptor and got so much love from the public. After eight years passed, the new 2018 Ford Raptor will launch in the second half of this year. The pickup always attracted many car lovers, especially for truck lovers. They can expect big improvements and modifications from this car. This year, the carmaker announced that they developed everything, they upgraded from the exterior to interior and engine.

2018 Ford Raptor New Level Exterior

The exterior design of 2018 Ford Raptor is a new level for a truck. Why does? It happens because the weight is 500 pounds lighter from the previous series. The weight reduced because it used aluminum exterior with a high-strength steel casing. The raised bumper has large air intake with a LED powered fog lights. You can also see the updated headlights to be extra useful. There is also larger ventilation better than the previous model. The rear end also gets the dual exhaust to make the more balanced look. For the wheels, this car sits on 18-inches wheels.

2018 Ford Raptor Interior

At the cabin, we can see all the improvements of 2018 Raptor Ford and its design. It starts from the wide appearance because of the longer wheelbase. Then, it comes to the redesigned seat which using premium leather, some aluminum, and wood materials in the cabin. It is very great to see the cabin inside is extra waterproof. Several high-tech features will include a large touchscreen display, SAT-NAV infotainment system, USB, Bluetooth, a navigation system, WI-FI and many others as well. The safety features also improved to drive easily and safely by using the voice control.

Ford Raptor 2018 Engine Specs

If you are the user from the previous series of Ford Raptor 2018, you must have experienced about the efficiency of the engine. Therefore, this year the carmaker of 2018 Ford Raptor decides to give a new 3.5 Eco Boost engine (upgraded version) in this car. The output of this engine is 450 HP at 5000 rpm and torque of 510 lb-ft at 3500.  We can expect the 10-speed automatic with manual shifting mode. Additionally, it applies the automatic gearbox with great AWD. It will face no obstacles in all driving experience.

2018 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

For those improvements, 2018 Ford Raptor gets so many interests from car lovers. There is not a specific date for launching, but we can expect that this car will be launched in the middle 2017. For the price of 2018 Raptor, it started at $51,000.

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