2018 Ferrari California T: Coupe Sporty Redesigned Sportier

Likely Ferrari wants to show that they are the best on next automobile event. It is clearly can be seen from their newest vehicle production namely 2018 Ferrari California T. the automaker redesign this vehicle for its fans and sporty vehicle fans. It goes with a redesign in both of outside and inside. How the revamp? Let us knock them out here.

2018 Ferrari California T Exterior Redesign

Well, the automaker will redesign the exterior of 2018 Ferrari California T to make the sportier look. It gets some better dimension than previous ones. 2 plus 2 vehicle looks bigger than previous ones with 4070 pounds of weight. Furthermore, the front gets the most noticeable redesign. It takes edgy shape that installed along with larger headlight. The designs come with a better appearance for this new vehicle.

2018 Ferrari California T Better Cabin Space

Talking about the interior of 2018 Ferrari California T it would be a better cabin space. The new of California T will have adequate space for taller even fat person. It is because the newest get the bigger design. It is also because the center console is positioned lower than before. Furthermore, the automaker also provides comfortable and luxury cabin with better design and fine material of upholstery. This vehicle also equipped with some features such as climate control, a navigation system, touch screen with the fast action button, radio and much more.

Ferrari California T  2018 Engine Specs

This vehicle definitely will not let down its fans, therefore, they put the suitable engine to give better performance. Ferrari California T 2018 will use 3.9 L Ferrari twin-turbo V8 engine that can provide 560 horsepower, a very sporty vehicle look like. It is perfect with it acceleration, it only needs 3,6 second to touch 60 mph. the automaker will installed 7-speed automatic transmission with this transmission it will not only fast but also stable when walking on the road. The gas mileages are not confirmed yet; there is no further information about this.

2018 Ferrari California T Release Date and Price

The next 2018 California T Ferrari is one of sporty vehicle fond. It will be one of dreamed car because its performance, design and feature that show a real sporty vehicle.  Therefore, for fans of this vehicle need to wait for its appearance because it will appear on last 2017 or might be at the early of 2018. The price assumption is at least $207.000 and it can be increased. There is no official information about the price but looking at the performance and new entirely feature. It is adequate prices of the 2018 California T car.

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