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2018 BMW X7: Biggest Changes and Updates for Maximum Luxury

BMW is trusted and well know automobile brand. They always surprise and give BMW taste in each product. It is also going to 2018 BMW X7. This is one of different lineup vehicle from BW. This car is full-size SUV that BMW produces with some feature in it. The carmaker totally gives their best ability in this vehicle. Let us get a better view on this new BMW series.

2018 BMW X7 New Exterior

As it, mentions before that BMW is a famous brand with classy and luxury noticeable looks. 2018 BMW X7 is one of the vehicles in form of SUV from BMW line-up. This car is full sized SUV that gives a clue that will take big size. This big size vehicle exterior will definitely take the taste of BMW design which is luxury and classy. Furthermore, it takes noticeable front part of BMW design. This car seems to be installed with the newest LED light system. The front bumper also designs to show it extent and impression. The wheel is assumed between 18 and 22 inches. Bigger but better in fuel consumption is possible because this car uses a light material such as carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel.

2018 BMW X7 Interior Design

The big size of 2018 X7 BMW means a thing, a spacious cabin. Yep, this vehicle can provide seven adult passengers because it is designed with a third-row seat. Inside the cabin of X7, the interior is totally wrapped with the fine leather material. It is also accompanied with a touch of wooden and aluminum in some part of the interior.  It is also equipped with some feature that delicate the passenger. The feature is iDrive infotainment system that can control from 10-inch display.  The BMW X7 2018 interior is also provided with smart phone application integration, USB port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot and much more.

BMW X7 2018 Engine Specs

BMW X7 2018 come with engine that used in the previous version. It will have 3.0 L V6 engine and 4.4 L V8 engine. The first engine will provide 320 horsepower and 300 lb/ft of torque and second engine will provide at least 445 horsepower accompany with 480 lb/ft of torque. The carmaker mentions that this engine will carry at top speed around 155mph. The information about gas mileage is not announced by the carmaker.

2018 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

Cannot wait to see 2018 BMW X7 in a showroom near your area? well, it seems to wait because this vehicle will land on showroom at least around the second half of 2018. The price will be around $100.000 as it starting price. Definitely, the price is suitable for SUV with luxury both inside and outside.

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